uPvc openable french doors


All Cargo Cabins are used in the building industries for multiple purpose and available in standard sizes of 20' x 8' & 40' x 8' . We can also customize to a size as per your specific requirement. Our cabins can be transported via standard cargo container ships, cargo planes, trucks or rail.
Our Cabins require no foundations and no structural assembling. Our Cabins are versatile buildings and are ideal for shelters, temporary or permanent living quarters, portable offices/studios, mining camps, construction housing/field offices, worker housing, portable emergency clinics, storm shelters, military/police posts, forest/mountain cabins, etc.
Our Cabins are rugged and durable and are perfectly suited for disaster relief, emergency housing, and harsh conditions. They can withstand natural disasters including hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes.
There are variety of models, options, and configurations available. These can range from basic models (with windows, entrance doors, ACs, electrical wiring, telephone connection, internet connection, two inches of rigid insulated finished walls/ceiling, vinyl floor covering and utility room) to those models with many amenities such as a kitchenette, bathroom with shower, bedroom etc.

uPvc openable french doors

Cargo Cabin Exterior View

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Cargo Cabin Interior View

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