Supply and fixing of CONCH uPVC window frames having 3 tracks for 2 shutter and one for fly mesh shutter of uPVC Profile Section of size 88mmx 52mm x62mm having outer wall thickness of 2.3mm (± o.3mm) with 3 box multi-chamber construction and provided with galvanized steel reinforcement at all around size of 30mm x 16mm. Sliding shutter shall be made of 57mm x 42m x 41mm having outer wall thickness of 2.3mm (± 0.3mm) and provided with galvanized steel reinforcement at all around size of 28mm x 13mm. The fly mesh shutter of size 41mm x 21.5mm with steel reinforcement with fiber mesh.
All the corners and joints of the frame & sash shall be mitred cut & fusion welded without any mechanical joint. All welded joints are to be neatly trimmed & feature grooved / raised nib finish so as to make the finished products free from all sharp edges & burrs. The system has adequate drainage mechanism to permit the escape of water from horizontal member beneath each sealed unit. System is provided with suitable uPVC beading for glazing of size 24.5mm x 16mm and interlocking profile of size 45mm x 36mm with specified / required glass (single) duly cut at correct degree & fitted with EPDM gaskets.
Windows have to be provided with variety of security devices like Lock, Wheel etc as per the requirement compliant with relevant specifications and as directed by Dept Officers. The complete window shall be fixed into the pre-finished opened places by drilling & fixing it through the outer frame using high quality fasteners & silicon sealant is applied to fill up the gap between the wall & window frame for leak-proof installation and completion.